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Countdown to Brazil

We are about to start Brazil. Finally. Brazil has just had a great show during the olympic games, that was fun. Brazilians are getting back together as one. We are turning a corner, we hope.

Well, we are about to start Brazil. That's really cool news. I have paused Dubai efforts, it was on standby for a while anyways, it was great to test there and I would like to invest in really growing there if I could. But I want to start Brazil now. This build is doing well enough for first tests here.

There are too many questions as usual, a top one now is "where am I going to start, what city?". I really enjoyed working with this question the first time I launched ChatLocal. The analysis of population, density, culture, interests, behavior is so much fun. That lead me to Dubai, with very low cost per installs, after trying a dozen other places in the world. Finding out that 80% of Dubai's population are immigrants and surely these guys and girls need a way to make friends there, they don't know many other people. There's a need there. Did I know that? I did not. I ended up there from this research, a really cool story for another time, but...

Coming back to Brazil, because that's the focus now. Brazil is not Dubai. That's for sure. The needs can be as different as the cultures, and it likely is. So that's the thing, different boards for different waves. So, to make this short, for mainly considerations of size, demography, density, local and regional culture and influence, potential needs, I'm thinking of 3 cities: Santos, Curitiba and Recife.

That's exactly what I've been looking at. Personally, I like all of them lol, for different reasons. But that's important, because it says something about the needs as well. And that's what I'm investigating. What's the personality of Santos? What's the personality of Recife?

What's the personality of Santos? What's the personality of Recife?

That's an interesting question, isn't it? If you want to contribute, please leave a message here or install ChatLocal and let's talk! You can message the ChatLocal team from there too (:



Chat With People Close To You

That's a search engine query from someone who reached our site via search. "Chat With People Close To You". Funny.

"Chat With People Close To You"

I wasn't paying much attention to the site analytics because I care mostly about the app metrics, ChatLocal is only on mobile now. But we are getting some traffic on the site, that's interesting. Those search queries are great material to learn more about what people are searching for, a good research - even better because I like researches lol